ARTHUR HIBBETT: 56 in 1914.
56 in 1914.

ARTHUR HIBBETT.  (Son of Henry & Anne Hibbett of York) b. 29 November 1859.  d. 2 January 1940. Aged 80.  [Chief Inspector of Schools; Secretary to the Borough of Walsall. Retired to York Cottage, Dyserth, Rhyl. Onetime Organist at St Mary’s High Pavement, Nottingham.]

MARIE NEAL HIBBETT: 53 in 1914. Photo Rhyl Wales.1925?

MARIE NEAL HIBBETT   nee Yoxall.  b. 13 July 1861.   d. 3 March 1940.   Age 79.

HAROLD HIBBETT: 29 in 1914.
29 in 1914.

HAROLD VICTOR HIBBETT. b.13 April 1887. 7.35 am.  d. July 1940 of TB contracted in trenches.  Age 53.  [Chemist & Photographer Wolverhampton. Joined Inns of Court Regiment, 1917.   Wounded].

IDA HIBBETT. 27 in 1914.
27 in 1914.



IDA NEAL HIBBETT.    b. 27 December 1888.  d. 23 March 1921.   Age 32.  [Red Cross Nurse in Leicester. V.A.D.  Died of cancer caused through work in Munitions Factory.]

SYDNEY HIBBETT 20 in 1914.
20 in 1914.




SYDNEY HIBBETT.  b. 17th May 1894, Nottingham.  Sergeant, Killed in Action, Battle of Somme 1 July 1916.  Age 22. [Mining Engineer, Wednesbury. QMS  OTC./ Territorials. ]

BERTIE HIBBETT: 19 in 1914.
19 in 1914.





ARTHUR HUBERT HIBBETT.  b. Nottingham, 12th July 1895.  d.17 February 1973.  Age 77. [Mining Surveyor Apprentice to Mr. Nightingale, Walsall. QMS  OTC./ Territorials.  Wounded Battle of Somme, 1 July 1916. Ordained Priest, 1924. Ministry in Huntingdon & Lincolnshire.]



Basil Hibbett Age 18. 1916.
BASIL HIBBETT. Age 18. 1916.

BASIL HIBBETT.  b. 1st May 1898.  d.10th July 1967. Age 69. Manchester Regiment.  Wounded.   [Degree in Agriculture, Reading University. Manager Cooperative Milk Factory, Cirencester. Church Warden Latton & South Cerney, Gloucester.]




Basil Hibbett in mourning for his brother Sydney. Note black armband on left arm. Autumn 1916.




HILDA HIBBETT nee BORE. (Caroline Hildegarde). Harold Hibbett’fiancee in 1914. Married 1916/17.  Lived in Malvern. d.1960s.

MARY FOSTER   (Bertie’s Godmother).  b.18th September. Lived in Nottingham at Fern Leigh, Lenton Sands.

THE HIBBETT FAMILY AT TEA – A favourite time of day.

The Hibbett Family at Tea:  Mother, Bertie, Sydney and Ida.
The Hibbett Family at Tea: Mother, Bertie, Sydney and Ida. Photo: Arthur Hibbett or Harold Hibbett. Possibly taken on holiday at  Abergele, Wales. August 1914.

4 thoughts on “THE HIBBETT FAMILY”

    1. Thanks Janet. I am rather amazed myself at just how much family stuff there is. Some of the photos are very small but photoshop brings them alive! Creating a website like this is one way of preserving it all. As Muriel used to say ‘you must decide where everything is to go – eventually!’

  1. Hello Elizabeth, I am Sue Ault’s (Hibbett) daughter, Kate and
    Basil’s granddaughter. What a wonderful job you have done in assembling all of this. It is beautifully done and very moving too. I shall really look forward to all the future posts.

  2. So very sorry to hear of the death of your husband,
    +May he rest in peace and rise in glory Amen.
    Thoughts & prayers,
    Delphine (Luton)

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The WW1 Letters and Drawings of Private Bertie Hibbett, 1/5th South Staffordshire Regiment, to his family in Walsall, will be posted again, one hundred years on, from August 1914 to November 1918, by his daughter Elizabeth Hibbett Webb. The first posting will be the Recruitment Postcard sent by Queen Mary's Grammar School Headmaster to the Hibbett family on holiday in Abergele, Wales.

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