9th Oct. 1914: Training in Luton

Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT: POSTCARD to MOTHER at 95 Foden Rd. Walsall

Oct. 9th 1914


Prince Albert PCDear Mother,

Just received the socks, but sorry no time to fit them on yet.  Very kind letters from Ida & you. So glad Ida’s foot is better – what a long time it has taken – seems years since the day  we left Walsall.  We thought there was nothing for us as we saw the postman pass without calling here, but the cook told us that a parcel was awaiting us at the Stores.  How welcome it was, many thanks.

It’s Lord Roberts (1) 83rd birthday on Wed.  Sorry did not send you one of those little PCs.  Well Tra – la.  Route March today.  Remember Oct 9th the day of Kruger’s Ultimatum, 1899.   Tell Ida  I thought of George (3) but will write when we go on active service, which I thought better.                                                                    Bertie.  


Diaries with British Empire history dates must have been popular at this time.  (1) Lord Roberts  of Kandahar (relieved this Afghan city in 1886). Died aged 83, whilst inspecting the Western Front at Saint-Omer, 14th Nov. 1914, one month after this letterHe was one of the most highly respected Commanders of British Forces. Became Chief of British Army 1901 -1904, having served in Afghanistan, India & South Africa.

2). Kruger’s Ultimatum was the immediate cause of Boer War.  Paul Kruger, State President of South African Republic, demanded the withdrawal of British  troops from its borders, unless the residential qualification to vote was lowered to five years . (3) George Lallerman – a close friend of Ida’s.

NEXT POST 13th October: Home-Sick after Home Leave.

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