25th Nov. 1914: Bishop’s Stortford: Flanking Attack against the Leicesters.

SYDNEY HIBBETT: 20 in 1914.

Pte SYDNEY HIBBETT 8830, 1/5th South Staffordshire Rgt. to Master BASIL HIBBETT at 95, Foden Road, Walsall.Stamp 1914

Bishop’s Stortford. 25/ Nov. 1914.

25th Nov from Syd 1914

Dear Dodger,  

What do you think of these views?  We went towards London today & had a sham attack – 10 miles (1).

Perfect day – cloudless sky all week – did 14 miles yesterday on a flanking attack (2) against the Leicesters – wore white bands around our hats.  

Hear we are going back to Luton early next week to train up the officers – have to march it I’m afraid (3).  So I will fall out as it will be rotten dull.  Wish I was in some other Regiment, Foreign Services I don’t think.  

Yours sorrowfully,



Sydney is not exactly joking about their ‘training up the officers’, so great was the number of Volunteers.

(1) Sham Attack. A military procedure to deceive the enemy. (2) Flanking Attack: ‘a flanking manoeuvre on the sides of an opposing force…’ to reduce its ability  to defend itself. The intention is ‘to create confusion and threat from multiple directions’ and thereby lower enemy morale. (See  Wikipedia & Google Images). (3) A 30 mile march, 9 -10 hours.

NEXT POST: 8th Dec. 1914: Bishop’s Stortford: Corn Exchange & Army Orders. 

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