SYDNEY HIBBETT 20 in 1914.
20 in 1915.

Pte SYDNEY HIBBETT: POSTCARD to Pte ARTHUR HUBERT HIBBETT on Home Leave at 95, Foden Rd Walsall.

Saffron Walden.  13/ Jan. 1915

Dear Bert,

Mrs Penning thought you would like a view of the street and Dorothy (1) wants to know if you know where it is?  The house with the X over it seems familiar somehow to me: if you know who lives there you had better tell me. Show the other ‘bodies’ this & do not bring it away with you.

29 GOLD ST. SAFFRON WALDEN, marked with cross.

Our new uniforms are a bad fitGuard last night at Orderly Room.  Hope they are looking after you well!  Had a Transport horse to lead for exercise this morning.




29, Gold St. Saffron. Walden 2001. Pink house with steps.

This PC is typical of Sydney’s often teasing style. (1William & Alice Penning* had two children: Arthur serving in France and Dorothy (who died young according to Kathleen Penning *writing in 2001).

29, Gold Street is now on the market, obviously much modernised and extended since 1914. See <Rightmove.co.uk>.(Land Registry).  Bertie Hibbett would still have recognised the front and the view of the garden from the back, but gone are the cobbles.

 Grandmother Penning. Seated in Cart: (dark dress) Elizabeth Penning, sister of John Francis, Bertie's Landlord., George and William.
Outside the Old English Gentleman Inn, Gold St. Saffron Walden in 1914.  Far right: Grandmother Penning. Seated in Cart: (dark dress) Elizabeth Penning, sister of William Penning, Bertie’s Landlord. Is the soldier Arthur Penning, the landlord’s son? Killed in Action 20.08.1915.

* Names: see Menu Page.

NEXT TWO POSTS: 24th Jan 1915: Luton Firing Course.

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