SYDNEY HIBBETT 20 in 1914.
20 in 1915.

Signaller SYDNEY HIBBETT: POSTCARD to Mr & Mrs Hibbett, 95 Foden Rd. Walsall, Staffordshire.

c/o Mrs. Pleasance, 44  Cromwell Rd, Luton.

Dear Mater,

Here we are in the land of hats and what not again (1).

Billeted in different parts of town to Tavistock St. (2). With Evans and two other nonentities. Tommies of usual type.  Bert got separated but is next door with very good fellowsLeft Saffron Walden at 10 am arr. here at 2 pm.

Bedford Road, Luton.

Our road is on the left in the middle of this photo where the pencil mark is (3). Very fashionable part but usual type of house this.

Weather foggy & raw.  Letter following,

Love Syd.



(1) Luton renowned for hat-making.  (2)Rough Billets of Sept.1914. (3Mark just visible between 2nd & 3rd tree, middle row.

POSTCARD:  Bedford Road is now ‘Old Bedford Road’.  From my flat (right) I walked across Park (left) to teach at Luton High School for Girls (1961-1965).

NEXT POST: 24th Jan. 1915: LUTON  Firing Course & Guard Duty.

2 thoughts on “24th JAN. 1915: LUTON – LAND OF HATS & WHAT NOT.”

  1. I feel certain that the photograph shows the Town end of the New Bedford Road, with the Moor on the left and the railings beside the ditch/River Lea on the right. The first turning on the left is Brook Street which was rather grand in those days! My mother attended Luton Preparatory School at the top of Brook Street in the 1920s.
    It is very true that Old Bedford Road is virtually unchanged since you lived there. Wardown Park remains timeless and serene.
    How interesting that your life’s pilgrimage took you in your Father’s footsteps to Luton. Also, to the site of the WW1 Army Nissen huts which housed the Luton High School for Girls before the brick building was erected. Was that where the soldier threw a boot at him whilst he was praying?
    You are doing something really fine, and I am finding it fascinating and very moving.
    Every good wish.
    Kind remembrances,
    and God bless.

    Delphine Newell (nee Walton)

    1. Thank you so much Delphine for this interesting & helpful information and for your good wishes. I shall take another look at the photo against a Luton town plan & follow up those WW1 Nissan Huts. I am so glad you are enjoying these letters. Liz Webb.

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