28th FEB.1915: 1/5th S. STAFFORDS: ‘OFF AT LAST’.

South Staffordshire BadgeeSOUTH STAFFORDS WAR DIARY


26th Feb.  Inspection by G.O.C 1/5th Staffs Infantry Brigade at Audley End Park.  

27th & 28th Feb. Packing up & Handing over of 2/5 Bn.   S. Staffs Rgt. (1)  Signed: R.R. Raymer, Major Comdg 1/5 South Staffs Rgt.

Bertie in Uniform

Pte BERTIE HIBBETT Postcard to Mrs A. HIBBETT, 95, Foden Rd. Walsall.

Feb. 28th 1915.

Victtory to our Arms.

Well dear Mother, we are off at last so we all believe  – & expect to go at 1.40 tonight. (2)

What with taking in blankets & attending lectures & rifle inspection I have found time to go to Church up to sermon time.

We left at the last verse of ‘Eternal Father hymn for those at sea‘ (3).  Chaplain* in khaki. Brownlow*(4) read lesson.

Best Love,      Your affect. Son,      Bert.


SYDNEY HIBBETT 20 in 1914.
20 in 1915.

Signaller SYDNEY HIBBETT: Postcard to Mr & Mrs Hibbett, 95, Foden Rd. Walsall.

Sunday 8 pm.

Audley End.
Audley End House, Saffron Walden.

Dear People,

We move off at 1.00 am tonight & we shall be probably in France by Tuesday D.V.

We had a very good sermon from the Chaplain this morning.  No towns mentioned from now on.  Feeling very fit. Kaiser has had a bad night thinking of the Staffords coming.

Hold on to my pants & I must be sending a few more things home.

Love,  Syd.



(12/5th Bn  South Staffs Rgt.  i.e. ‘Reserves’: a new Territorial Battalion/ not going abroad. (2) i.e. 1st March 1915. (3) W. Whiting, 1860. (Tune: Revd.J.B.Dykes). (4) Brownlow: info pending.

NB To suit the occasion Bertie sends a picture of Brittania & his best writing in ink.

Bertie's best writing.

NEXT 2  POSTS: 1st March 1915. Southampton Quay.


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