South Staffordshire BadgeeSOUTH  STAFFORDS WAR DIARY


5th March.  2.0 p.m. Received orders to entrain at 7 p.m. at Point 3 Gare des Merchandises. Transport Ship arrived in morning – joined the Battalion at Station.  1 Corp. 2 men 2 horses left behind lost their way in Havre.  

Issue of Rations in Station caused some confusion, especially Day Rations & Iron Rations being practically identical, consequently many Iron Ration consumed in error.

6th March 12.25 am. Train left. Travelled via Rouen-Monterolier – Buchy – Abbeville (halt 3/4 hour via Boulogne – Calais – St Omer to Arneke.

Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT: YMCA headed LETTER to IDA HIBBETT, 95, Foden Rd Walsall.


My Dear Sister,

You know my address, I gave it to you twice.  Take care you do not lose it.  I had a very comfy sleep in the bell tent last night.  Yes, back to rough camp life again, not so many conveniences.  I have just managed to get through the crowd in this place for a cup of Hot Malted Milk & it was worth while waiting for – so delicious.

Vernon and I are with 10 others in the tent.  We thought we should get with the picked lot  in which Sid was in too at first, but he is not far off.  I am in the pink.

We were served with socks (see note from Buckingham Palace) & fur coats. I wish I could have had our photos taken.

Letter finished on the back of a Note from Buckingham Palace  – ‘Gift from Mary R and the Women of The Empire 1914’. Buck Palace Gift letter 5th March 1915

March 5th /15   – I expect to get a French newspaper (1) this morning.  I will send it off to Dad when I get it.





(1) ) Le Monde most likely.

NEXT POSTS: 13th March 1915 (to be posted early owing to unforeseen circumstance; the rest during last week of month.

March Welcome Page has been updated see also S. Staffordshire Officers & M,  with photo of group in Tavistock St. Luton. 1914. I would be grateful for names.

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