South Staffordshire BadgeeSOUTH STAFFORDS WAR DIARY


15th May 1915, Sat:  North Midland Farm shelled. A Fuse struck the Aid Post penetrating the wall. CASUALTIES: WOUNDEDPte H.G. Ball.  KILLEDLt H.W.M. Parr* (1).  16th May, Sun: Very Quiet Day.  WOUNDED: 2 Lt S.P. Smith and 8831 Pte J. A. Boulton. Relieved 1/6th South.

Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT: ‘A Little Book of Words & Doings‘. May 16th. Sunday. Fine spread with Listening Post at tea.  Lemon curd, cakes, tinned fruit etc. Vic Shaw*, Iky Boulton* and Norman Cope* with his loaf from home.  Sunny bright weather.  After tea with Listening Post, Sydney, who was then Lance Corporal, had tea with Corporal Hammond & Vernon, who arrived late.  Choc biscuits & tinned pears.  Vernon brought his cream. Hammond requested me to smoke Syd’s health, but I waited till  – 17th May.

Pte BERTIE HIBBETT: POSTCRIPT of LETTER to Brother BASIL, 14th May 1915.  which he says he has included in Letter to Sister Ida. (Censor WE Wright.  Post stamped 5 days later).

                                                                  Sunday. May 16th.

PS  Syd & I got the birthday parcels which again arrived in spiffin’ condition.  Oh how can I express the gratefulness I feel on seeing not only the many good things but reading such jolly letters, which I am certain you all individually made a special effort.  Dad’s wittily made up note of  good wishes was as good as any long letter.  As for Mother’shers were the ones.  I cannot express the thought which is in mind at present – but Syd & Mother seem both in one nowour thoughts are of his birthday.

We got a nice letter from Auntie*, who said you had written to her of late.  I think her parcel will just arrive on the day, 17th.  (I’m sorry you did not get the letter in time to read my proposed date for sending the parcel.  I said 13th or 14th I believe ) (2).  The weather has been rather chilly & changeable, but it is warm & sunny at present. 

In my next letter I will tell you about another successful attempt at making my favourite bread & butter pudding.  Mother will, I know, be especially interested, for she wanted to know how our chums were & she knows how I like the above named pudding.

Well I must be concluding now.  Vernon told me about you coming from B’ham with his sister & I remembered you to him this morning.  Your letter was ripping too & Ida’s was a capital one.  How good of you to send both the tins of chunks & apricots. (3)

I must stop now, I could go on for ever & I see the pencil seconds it , I don’t think!

Best love to all,  Bertram.


(1Lt. H. Parr* one of Bertie Hibbett’s favourite officers. cf Post  NB  Keeping the Names Page up to date with refs in Letters is proving difficult. (2) Getting Birthday Presents & Letters ‘on the right‘ (day) was important to the Hibbett family. (3)  Pineapple chunks.

NEXT POST:   17th May, 1915. Coming of Age in the Trenches.

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