South Staffordshire BadgeeSOUTH STAFFORDS WAR DIARY


14th June, Mon: Patrols went out to within 15x (1) of Enemy trench, reported all quiet. German seen opposite D3, through a gap in enemy parapet, dressed in khaki and what appeared to be a Glengarry (2). 

A Glengary.
A Glengary. Scottish military cap.

Enemy shelled Diagonal (Trench) in the morning and afternoon. During the evening C.2 Support and C.1c shelled.  CASUALITIES: 6820 L/S. G. Hoare and 9143 Pte G.I. Lamb wounded.

15th June, Tue: Two shells over C.2. Supports during the morning. At 3.0 pm Enemy shrapnel single shots, at interval of 5 minutes, burst between S.P.5 and R.E. Farm (3).

Wulverghem: showing Souvenir Farm; North Midland & South Midland farm,
MAP OF WULVERGHEM  (circa 1915 -1917) showing St Quentin Cabaret; Souvenir/ Ration Farm  – with North Midland Farm  & South Midland Farm on the road to Messines (Mesen).   

At 5.0 pm shelled Monmouth Farm. From 5.0 pm – till 5.30 pm  8 shells burst by N.M. Farm & Dugouts.  One dugout demolished. Enemy parapet opposite D.2 damaged by Lyddite from A49 Battery. Relieved by 6 Souths.  CASUALTY9080 Pte Sidaway W. wounded in relief.


16th June, Wed – 19th June Fri:  In Hutments, Bulford Camp.


Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT: FIELD POSTCARD to 95, Foden Rd. Walsall. HOME

June 17th 1915 (Stamped 19th June).           

17th June 1915 FPC


I am quite well.  I have received your letter dated June 14th/ parcel June 14th. Letter follows at first opportunity.

Signature only.    Bertie.                                                                                     Date  June 17th



(1) Patrol within 15 ft? of enemy – i.e. pretty close.  (2) Glengarry: Scottish military cap, heavy wool; no doubt a trophy found or taken from a Scottish soldier. (3) Germans (interested in new Diagonal Communication Trench) appeared to be testing strength of British lines before shelling  R.E. Farm, Monmouth Farm & North Midland Farm (an important admin. centre for Staffords).

(4) WULVERGHEM MAP: R.E. Farm (and Monmouth Farm ?) are north of Souvenir Farm & off the Map.  The Front Line Trenches are red zig-zags.  The red dot is Wulverghem Church.   Grateful thanks to <http://thebignote.com/2013/23/wulverghem-churchyard&gt;

NEXT POST: 18th June, 1915.

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