Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT, No 6  GENERAL BASE CONVALESCENT CAMP:  YMCA POSTCARD to ARTHUR HIBBETT Esq. 95 Foden Rd. Walsall.  Censor No 920.

YMCA Postcard 28th Sept. 1915.
YMCA Postcard 28th Sept.  not franked until 1st Oct. 1915.


No 6  General  Base.  Tues: Sep 28/ 15.

Was transferred from the Convalescent Camp on Monday evening (1) & am now back at my Base; where I am put on light duty for three days & then I expect I shall be sent to my unit for Active Service & hope I shall soon be ‘up & at it againsingeing the K____’s whiskers. (2).

Half-a-Mo-Kaiser! Copy of Bairnsfather's cartoon by A.H. Hibbett. 1916.
‘ARF A MO KAISER!’ BERT THOMAS’ CARTOON.  Copy  by A.H. Hibbett. 1914/ 1915.

Good news in the papers isn’t it? (3).   I am quite well.

Best love to all,  Bertie.  



(1)  Pte Bertie Hibbett had expected to move to Convalescent Camp on Sat. 25th Sept. but actually arrived there on Mon. 27th Sept.  He expected to be in the trenches again in a few days. (Typically he addresses such important news to his father)

(2) ‘ARF  A  MO  KAISER!’ by  Herbert Samuel (Bert) Thomas, MBE. 1883-1966 (Punch political cartoonist/ WW1 & WW2 propaganda posters). Cartoon. First published 11th Nov. 1914 in the Weekly Dispatch, raised £250,000 for its Tobacco for Troops Fund. ‘Every 6d will gladden the heart of a hero’.  My father made several copies between 1914 -1915. <https://www.cartoons.ac.uk&gt;

The Weekly Dispatch (British Newspaper estab. 1801) became ‘Sunday Dispatch’ in 1928 until merged with Sunday Express in 1961.

(3Newspapers were quick to report initial success of the Battle of Loos (pronounced ‘Loss’), Hohenzollern Redoubt, on 25th Sept. 1915, part of the major attempt to break the trench stalemate along the Western Front. 


South Staffordshire BadgeeSOUTH STAFFORDS WAR DIARY.


26th & 27th Sept.  In Brigade Reserve.

CASUALTY:  WOUNDED 27th inst.  8715 Cpl. R.J. Drew.  28th & 29th Sept: Dug-outs shelled from 11 am to 1 p.m. with 8 in. armour-piercing shells and H.E. shrapnel.  

NEXT POST: 30th SEPT. 1915.


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