Pte BERTIE HIBBETT, The Cenacle, Red Cross Hospital, Wallesley, New Brighton, Cheshire: ‘BACK from the FRONT’.

This Poem, possibly begun in the trenches, was finished in the Red Cross Hospital ready for the October Concert Programme. It indicates that my father was allowed Home to Walsall about this time in 1916. This is supported by a photograph of him in uniform with his arm in a sling & my Dad’s caption:’Possibly taken at 95 Foden Rd Walsall’, added in 1960s. 


Dedicated to my Home

Cheer O!  Cheer O! Here I fly!

Dodging shells which burst so high;

Daring not to stop and sigh;

I picture Home Sweet Home so dear

Ma and Pa are thinking of me

At Home beyond that strip o’sea,

Where I so long, and wish to be.

Where I can banish all my fear.


Back Home! Back Home! There’s ma Mere

Et ma Soeur, et Frere, et Pere

I kiss them all (both) here and there

Then with our faces all aglow

We gather round the fire-side

Putting war news on one side

We talk until we’re satisfied,

And very soon forget the foe.


Back Home! Back Home!, Oh what it is

To feel the thrilling Heavenly Bliss

To give my Mother a loving  kiss

In my Home where I behold

And see my father’s face again

After my life of toil and pain

Which I had not born in vain,

But for Freedom to uphold.

A.H.Hibbett Oct. 1916.


I published this poem too soon by mistake hence the quick update!

NB My father’s French has not improved!

NEXT POST: 4th Oct 1916: The Cenacle Red Cross Hospital Concert.





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