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14th FEB.1915. British ‘Air Birds’ Raid Ostend.

Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT: POSTCARD to Mr. Dodger Hibbett, 95  Foden Rd. Walsall.

Basil Hibbett Age 18. 1916.
Basil Hibbett.  1916. Age 18. 
British Marines marching through Ostend. 1915.
British Marines marching through Ostend.

Feb. 14th 1915.                  

British Seaplane 1915
British Seaplane 1915

 What do you think of our air raid, a fine sight to see those 34 air birds flying over the sea to accomplish their task (1).

This view shows Ostend Station which you know was destroyed for fear of becoming a Naval Base (2).

Thanks for your letter.          Bert.


Pte BERTIE HIBBETT: POSTCARD  to Mrs A. HIBBETT, 95 Foden Rd. Walsall.

Marie Neal Hibbett 53 in 1915
Marie Neal Hibbett 53 in 1915

Feb. 14th 1915.

Saffron Walden Church 1914.
Saffron Walden Church. 1914.

Although the town is what you might call a village it has not, as most villages have, a smallkirkbut a noble edifice which greatly improves the appearance of the village.  Within its walls have worshipped, it can proudly say now, the Staffordshire Brigade & North Midland Division & it possesses the old flags of the Essex Volunteers in the Boer War.




(1) Feb. 12th 1915: British Naval Wing  attacked German-occupied Zeebrugge & Ostend, targetting Railways & Stations. No Allied lives lost in one of the biggest WW1 raids.  (On same day Kaiser ordered bombing of London Docks).   (2) German Base for Submarines).

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