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10th FEB. 1915: NIGHT TRENCH DIGGING: Mud & Porridge on Foot.

SOUTH  STAFFORDS  WAR  DIARY:  South Staffordshire Badgee
8th FEB: Audley End Park, Coy & Battn Drill, 1 Coy Quarterly Test J.D., 1 Coy Night Trench Digging, abandoned owing to rain, returned to billets 10.0 pm.  
9th FEB: Shortgrove Park, attack practice by Coys. 1 Coy Quarterly Test J.D., one Coy Night Trench Digging 4 hours. (1)
10th    3 Coys Battn Route March with Brigade – about 18 miles – 1 Coy Night Trench Digging, returned to billet 10.0 am 11/2/15.


Bertie in UniformPte BERTIE HIBBETT to Mr & Mrs HIBBETT & Fam. 95 Foden Rd. Walsall.

Undated letter Feb 1915.
Undated Letter Feb 1915.



My Dear Father & Mother,

We are all very busy, excepting the “sick” people & even they are looking slippy, Vernon at least, for there is an Inspection of the equipment & general appearance of the soldiers in uniform tomorrow at 9.30 a.m. (2)

Talk about taking the ‘cake’.  I took some ‘toffee’ at any rate for the occasion.  Had porridge on the march – yes on our feet.

“Mud, mud, mud, mud, never mind your muddy feet, step out smart & always mind you keep in file”. 

Cleaned our buttons & hat badges for the occasionTea provided in the Trenches at 11.30 pm – delicious flavour – somewhat resembled that of camomile & senna Dismissed at 12.20 a.m. to Parade at 9.30 next morning, equipment generally clean & rifles as well.

No 29 Locked – barred – at the tap of the knocker Landlord appeared in pantaloons – half asleep? Landlady up to give us a little supper. Fell through the floor  when saw our general “muddied up” appearance – besmeared with clay & white marl so to speak.

I’m not half  ‘picking’ up since I joined the army.  Parade – voluntary parade – at 5.30 – belt & bayonet, on the occasion of Bishop of Lichfield’s visit to the South Staffords Brigade (3).

Will write soon.  With fond love.

Bertie I was,  Bertrus I will be,  Bertram I am

Yours affectionately.


(1) Undated Letter:  10th Feb. fits timing in Letter with S. Staffs. War Diary re 4 Hours Night Trench Digging on 9th Feb. dismissed 12.20 hrs on 10th.

(2) i.e.11th Feb. Coy Drill Shortgrove Park. 1 Coy Quarterly Test J.D. one Coy Night Trench Digging 6 hours, officers revolver practice. NB J.D. means Joint (North Midland) Division.

(3) Bishop of Lichfield’s Visit (info. pending).

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