Concert Programme

2nd-cenacle-concert-part-2Transcription: The Cenacle British Red Cross Hospital  Concert. Winter 1916-17. Program. Sketch drawn in pencil. Finished 1923.

1) Pianoforte Solo:  “Overture 1812″. Tchaikovsky. 1882. Piano arrangement 1882. Lance Corpl F. Richter. Mus B. (Bachelor of Music).

2) Song: “Follow me ‘Ome”. Rudyard Kipling, 1865 -1936. ‘There was no one like ‘im ‘Orse or Foot Nor any o’ the Guns I knew; An’ because it was so, why o’ course ‘e went an’ died. Which is just what the best men do. So knock out your pipes an’ follow me. An’ it’s finish up your swipes an’ follow me. Oh ‘ark to the big drum callin’ Follow me – Follow me ‘Ome. Corporal J. Beck. 1/10th Liverpool Scottish. (Underwent 10 operations) .

Corpral Beck
Cpl. Beck




3. Song: Nurse Cicely G. Wilcox.

4. Recitation: Selection “The Lay of the Last Minstrel“. Bertie Hibbett1805. Sir Walter Scot. Romantic/Gothic story of 16th Cent Border Feud/ theme-loyalty to one’s homeland. Pte A. H.Hibbett 1/5th S. Staffs.

5. Song: Nurse Mildred E. O’Neill.

Irish regiment Autographs collected on Cigarette ppares . Hsopital Birkenhead. 1916.
Cigarette Autos: Pte A Kelly & Rfle E. J. Leggett.

6. Song: “Lowland Sea“. The Golden Vanity’s Cabin Boy was promised silver & gold to sink a Spanish galleon, successful but betrayed & left to drown. 17th Cent Battle between Spain & England. Rifleman Edwin J. Leggett. 1st London Irish Rifles.

Cenacle Red Cross Nurse Cockeram.

7. Violin Duet: Andantino“. Shin’ichi Suzuki, 1898 -1998. Japanese inventor of Suzuki method. Taught self to play violin in 1916! Nurse M. Evans & Nurse G. M. Cockeram.

Nurse G. Cockeram. 12th April 1917.
G. Cockeram’s Blindfold Pig. 12th April 1917.

8. Song: When Irish Eyes are Smiling from Olcott’s ‘Isle of Dreams’ 1912. Lyrics: Chauncey Olcott & George Graff Jr.  Tune: Ernest Ball. 1878 -1927. Pte A. Kelly. South Irish Horse.

9. Song: Three Score & Ten“. (Source unknown. Biblical span of  human life). Sister Dorothy Clive. 

Red Cross Nurses: Sonia Langdon & Kathleen Hay 1916.
Red Cross Nurses: Sonia Langdon & Kathleen Hay  (Winnnie Hay’s sister) 1916.

10. Pianoforte Solo: Walse Romantique“. Own Composition, L/Corporal F. Richter. Mus Bac.

Nurse W.Hay's Blindfold Pis & Signature.
Winnie Hay’s Blindfold Pig & Signature.April 13th 1917.

11. Recitation:The Yukon Trail“. Hamid Kareem? (nationality/date unknown). ‘To Yukon for gold they went, they left in poverty & death they found. ‘Twas no gold but iron ore. . . fool’s gold. Yukon was but a fool’s paradise’. Nurse Winnie Hay. 

Geoffrey Carman’s Cigarette Paper & Signature.

12. Song: Geoffrey Carman. 5th City London Regiment. 

Corp. Bostock Byrd.

Byrd’s Signature.







14. Duet Burlesque: The Optimist & The Pessimist“. Own composition. Corporal J. Beck (see Song 2) performed with Corporal G. Bostock-Byrd. 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards.


Transcript: Topical Verse introduced in “The Optimist & the Pessimist For “Cenacle” Patients’ Concert. Nov. 10.16.

Optimist: I hear there’s going to be a Concert here. Pessimist: They’ll be asking us to sing. O: Well I don’t mind if they do, mon cher, a duet ‘d be just the thing. P: You’ll be alright I havn’t a doubt. You’ve got such an awful neck. But what about if we get chucked out? O: Well! I shall be in the wreck. O: The Optimist. P: & The Pessimist. Both: may sing a duet sometime. We may even try a topical verse To add to our list of crimes. P: I warn you not to clap too much. He’ll be wanting to sing some more. O: O come along! They’ve had enough of you. Both: So There!!!  The door (hurried exit).


Transcript: Topical Verse introduced in “The Optimist & The Pessimist” For “Cenacle” Patients’ Concert. Nov 10th 16.

Optimist: Well old boy, we’re in the Cenacle yet. Pessimist: We’ll soon be out in France. O: before I go out there anymore I’ll lead them a lively dance. P: You’ll soon be keeping down your head in the trenches over the way. O: Not while I can swing the lead you can bet your blooming pay. O: The Optimist. P. & The Pessimist. Both: Have both had all they want. P: It’s all right talking about doing your bit. O: I know it’s no picnic stunt. Both: No doubt we are very fine fellers & all that sort of pot but the climate over in Flanders is too bloomin’ hot. J. Beck.



This second Patients’ Concert  at the Cenacle provides another good example of the artistic talent amongst soldiers & nurses alike. (cf 4th Oct. Concert).

“The Optimist & The Pessimist” by Corp. J. Beck 1/10th Liverpool Scottish is a grim reminder that all the wounded at the Cenacle Red Cross Hospital, including my father, obviously wanted to get better but were under the threat of being sent back to the Front as soon as they were.

My Father’s 21st Birthday Autograph Album has been a most valuable source of information when trying to identify people in the Hibbett Collection of Photographs. He illustrates the signed cigarette papers giving details of regt & rank & adding little notes e.g. Corpl Beck’s ’10 operations’. That so many nurses had some fun on 12th/13th April1917, indicates he was close to leaving Hospital. Their amusing drawings of a pig  (with their eyes closed) giving signature & date solves the problem of just how long my Father spent at the Cenacle. His 1967 My Memories of the First World War’ states it was seven months but now we know it was at least ten months.

NEXT POST: 15th NOV. 1916.  ‘R.A.M.C Operations on Wounded German Prisoners’.  NB This post may be late. I hope to remember my Uncle Sydney & Aunt Ida this Remembrance Sunday at Walsall War Memorial, also at the National Memorial Arboretum. 

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